The biggest expense in a professional landscape lighting system is the installation. So why use inexpensive products acquired online or in hardware stores? Our philosophy is that we use only professional grade products of the highest quality and durability. In that way your investment in the expert installation is put into a system that will last for a long, long time.

The Best Quality and the Highest Standards

What you can expect when we prepare a proposal for a new installation:

  • Solid cast brass fixtures: They do not corrode and they are not painted so no peeling of the paint after the weather takes a toll. We use fixtures with an acid etching process that changes the color of the brass to a dark brown, and over time the color tends to age towards a darker color. All our brass fixtures are cast. Over our decades of experience we have learned that cast fixtures are the longest lasting.

  • LED Light sources: our lights mimic the color of the traditional incandescent lights, but they use LEDs as a light source so that you get the power savings and the longevity that LEDs provide. For customers that look for a cooler color light, we have options with daylight color LEDs.

  • Professional grade transformers: Our transformers are made to last. They include a polished stainless steel cover that will look like new after decades. Multi voltage capability so all fixtures look the same brightness regardless of how far away they are from the transformer (low voltage systems lose power over long distances and unless the power is boosted for the farthest fixtures they will look dimmer than the fixtures closer to the power source). And all our professional transformers have a safety cut off so that when a short occurs down the line they do not burn out. All made for the longest service life possible.

  • Digital astronomical timers: they automatically adjust to the longer and shorter days throughout the year. We also have options for WiFi controlled transformers that give you the added feature of remotely controlling your lights.

We stock the most commonly used products, and if you are looking for something different we can order any other products in our partner suppliers line.

Samples of the most commonly used fixtures are available for you to see and touch during our free consultation.

Landscape path lighting installation

Product Warranties

All of our suppliers have lengthy warranties on the products we use, and we are your single point of contact. If any problem arises all you need to do is contact us, and we will take care of filing the warranty claim and resolve the problem for you on the same day we come to service the system. No more digging for old receipts, we save all of that for you.

Visit our partner’s websites to browse their products or to review their warranties.

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